Project Overview

Inblu Sales app is the app developed for internal use of sales team at Condor Inblu to take the orders online on a Samsung tab using its tab Application while they are on the move. The sales team can take orders in online & offline mode and their orders get sync with 3G / 4G connectivity, which gets uploaded, onto the web server. The entire data from web server gets pushed to two different ERP servers located at different Locations.

Design & Technology:

Inblu Sales app provides managed mobility services with custom design, backend support and native android Samsung tab based application development. This app is privately published App for sales team of Enterprise use only.


  • CRM Integration
  • Technical Strategy
  • UX & App Design
  • ERP Integration

UX & App Design


  • Administrator has been given the rights to add regional manager(s) and they in turn setup the sales team for their region.
  • The sales executives logs into the enterprise solution using login credentials and take the orders from distributors by displaying the product catalog.
  • A central SAP system manages all orders received from the regional sales team automatically updating products and inventories periodically.

The Challenge

There were challenges like getting the data from multiple ERP systems to Tablet & uploading the orders received back to the system. Orders to be processed in online and offline mode so that incase of Sales executive not in the mobile network can showcase product and take up the order, which can be pushed to server as soon as the connection is achieved.

The Solution

Data from the ERP was taken on the Web server keeping the time stamp of the last upload and when the request from the device came for the new data sync it checked for the latest file and downloaded it. User login credentials and product data was saved on app to authenticate for the new orders and showcase the products to the dealers. Once the order was processed it got saved on the tab and online status it saved the data file was stored on the ftp folder over the Webserver. API from the ERP would ping for the latest orders and would download as soon as new orders were there.

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