Project Overview

A conceptual portal was developed targeting daily commuters who are using the London Underground Tube services. In case of severely delayed Underground tube services, this portal will helps the users claim refunds at least of the clicks. Existing system was manual and deployed tedious process to apply for the Refunds for severely delayed Tube.

Design & Technology:

This web portal development was built with custom Design and developed in PHP / My SQL.


  • CRM Integration
  • Digital Strategy
  • Technical Strategy
  • UX & Web Design
  • Web Development

UX & Web Design


  • This project was specially designed to help the daily commuters to apply claims for refund of the tube journeys in case the tubes are severely delayed.
  • User simply needs to register and fill all the specific journey details with the daily card information.
  • User will also receive email notification if the tube is severely delayed for the user’s daily-preferred routes.
  • User can quickly fetch the details and submit form; which gets directly submitted over the portal of the London tube.

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