Project Overview

This auto-part eCommerce website was developed specifically for users looking for car body parts for crash repairs, after sustaining damage to their vehicles. It aggregated auto-part dealers, auto body-part shops, and accident repair garages.

Design & Technology:

Custom design, MS SQL & JQuery. Hosted on shared windows server.


  • Ecommerce Website Development
  • Development Services
  • UX & Web Design
  • Web Development

UX & Web Design


  • Categorization features, starting with auto make, brand, model; were provided to identify the vehicle in the first instant.
  • Thereafter, standard e-commerce features were provided to make a selection of the specific body part, and then select the seller as well. Similarly, for repairs garages are made available depending upon their location, and availability.
  • Special features such as deal of the day, clearance sale etc. are also provided to offer more value and enrich the user experience.

The Challenge

This being a very niche e-commerce platform, the front-end design was one main challenge. Creating categories of offerings, which included products as well as services, was also a challenge which was suitably addressed by incisive inputs from the service providers.

The Solution

Web design as well as workflow design were critical aspects of this ecommerce solution, primarily because of the mixed offerings of products and services both. It was very important to enable easy navigation for users looking for only body parts, or only body repairs or both. Web design was suitably altered at few stages until client was fully satisfied with all aspects of the portal.

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