What is Data Science?

Data science essentially provides a framework and tools to extract useful info from your business data. Data science consists of methods, processes, and systems that are used to create knowledge from the available data, which may be structured or unstructured.

Data science services follow three essential steps:

Data capture: This is done using the ETL mode, that is extract, transform, load. It is then followed by data cleansing and data debugging.

Data mining: This important step refers to data exploration, feature construction, feature reduction and preparing algorithms to refine data.

Formulating Actionable Insights: The last step is about delivering actionable insights and it covers creation of reports, listing of insights, and suggesting actions in line with business goals.

How we can help

We provide data science and analysis professional services, and enjoy an eminent position among data science consulting firms. With our business analytics solutions, we make sure that your Big Data is optimally harnessed and is turned into real business value. We achieve this for you in the following manner:

  • We study your customer interaction in all forms that is voice, chat, online transactions etc.
  • We apply machine learning and data science algorithms for valuable insights such as predicting customer needs, improving customer experience etc. Acceleration of decision making is a valuable outcome.
  • We examine and analyse your data sources and create a road map of how data science would be implemented.
  • We create algorithms which help in constructing useful information.
  • Finally, we develop visualization, using which actionable reports are prepared.
  • As an emerging data science consulting firm, we have adequate expertise in data science related tools like Python, R, Hadoop and SQL.


Data capture and preparation

It starts with exploring for data which is available in both structured and unstructured form. Thereafter, shaping and preparing data to the desired form so that it could be processed using appropriate algorithms. The data could also be stored for later use.

Develop model and algorithms

By using statistical methods and machine learning, models are now prepared for data analysis and interpretation. These models and algorithms are applied to the prepared data to develop trends, which may need further interpretation.

Create actionable insights

This service seeks to identify those trends and patterns which provide clear business insights to be acted upon. We provide tools and business analytics solutions to create actionable insights. These actionable insights could help reduce supply chain bottlenecks or enable improved inventory management, to mention 2 examples.

Important Tips

Understand the business before you start solving problems

Think hard of whether you are solving an underlying problem or just an outcome

Spend more time on finding out the right evaluation metric and how much is required for implementation

Follow the diverge-converge thinking process to avoid pre-mature convergence

Break industry silos to think of alternate solutions

Engage with business counterparts throughout the process

Think of simplest implementation levers to bring your idea to life

While making a business deck, make sure you lay it out in their language

Learn to speak business language while presenting to business leaders

Actively follow up on the implementation plan

Actively participate in Data Hackathons

Read blogs and books on upcoming tools and techniques on analytics

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