What is E-mail Marketing?

Email marketing is a low-cost yet effective way to reach out to your prospects. It is also an efficient way to create and strengthen personalized communication channels with your customers. This keeps your customers updated with latest information about your product and service. Email marketing enhances brand awareness and also provides valuable measurements. Email is simple, flexible, and easily conveys the marketing message containing text, graphics, and video to a large group of customers or to specific segments of customers.

How we can help

E-mail marketing appears very simple to implement but it needs professionally prepared content as well as managing all related issues. We can help you send simple promotional messages and also create campaigns for email marketing. We can manage all your email lists, integrate email marketing with CRM, create regular newsletters, and also trigger and auto-send messages. We also implement measurements which can provide useful insights into all individual campaigns. We ensure that you are able to continually connect and engage with you customers, and successfully retain them.


Email marketing help

We can help your email marketing at every step. Be it preparing simple messages or developing campaigns. Some of the important issues that we help with are multiple contact lists, avoiding duplicates, presenting preview of email, built-in spam checking with key words, and monitoring status etc.

Email marketing tactics

In email marketing it is important that your email reaches the right consumer. It is also important that the consumer opens the email and goes through the content. While it sounds simple, it doesn’t happen in practice because everybody is short of time and your targeted consumer could be receiving several emails from different marketers. It is therefore necessary to deploy some tactics in your email marketing. Some of the tactics that we advise and implement for our clients are as follows:

  • Always segment your email database to make your email marketing more effective. Segmentation could be based on demographics or geographic location.
  • Optimize email content format for smartphones too. Consumers are increasingly using smartphones to open emails and the content must be compatible.
  • Engage selected email users on social media, and offer incentive to those users who respond.
  • Another good tactic is to send emails on specific days, for instance festival time, school reopening, during sports events etc.
  • Track your email campaigns and refining content is a universal best practice. Some of the parameters tracked are open rate, click through rate, and delivery percentage.

Best practices for email marketing

Some of the best practices we regularly adopt are as follows:

  • Show your company or brand logo prominently, preferably left top corner.
  • Subject line should be attractive and compelling.
  • There should be a clear call to action and it should preferably be repeated once or twice.
  • Consistency in successive email messages is important. The crux of the message should align with your brand and your USP.
  • Very frequent email messaging to you consumers could be counter-productive.
  • Include IP addresses and device locations too in your database, if possible.

Important Tips

Build your subscriber list

Talk with your audience, not at them

Great subject writing

An entertaining and distinctive voice

Tailored content

Make your email interesting from the minute it lands in the recipient’s inbox

Make it personal

Ensure that your emails are not sent to spam

Make sure your copy looks clean and crisp

Make the links and call to action obvious

Make it easy to unsubscribe

Make it mobile-friendly

Test, test, test

More testing

Track your data

Don’t overwhelm your subscribers

Provide value

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