What is SMO?

Social media marketing means using social media channels for promoting your brand. SMO (Social Media Optimization) is the logical next step that makes social marketing more effective. SMO is in fact complementary to SEO, in that it helps to improve your website ranking as also makes your brand popular by using social media channels.

How we can help

As a first step, we incorporate social media marketing in your digital marketing strategy. Next, we select appropriate social media channels and create and curate content to be shared on each channel. While working on your SMO, we do not simply push content out on different social media channels. We make sure it complements your website’s SEO and builds your reputation as a quality information source, which engages your prospects consistently.

SMO Process

It is not enough to select social media channels and share content through them. You need a SMO process to make it effective. The process begins with laying down your social media strategy in very simple terms. It then goes through steps that cover competitor analysis, content generation and distribution, real-time monitoring, and community management. At each step, we undertake appropriate measurement and refinement and also support it with blog marketing. We also use appropriate SMO tools on a need basis.

Industry sectors most suited to SMO

Social media marketing’s main objective is to popularize your brand and to also support SEO. Hence SMO is most suitable for those industry sectors which are primarily B2C and where the customers frequently use social media for information and feedback. In fact, for young people and millennials, social media is already overtaking TV as a source of news and information. The sectors which are most amenable to SMO are as follows:

  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Entertainment
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Real estate

This is not to say that other industry sectors need not use social media for promotion and for improving their online search rankings. If used effectively, SMO can potentially benefit all industry sectors.

Best SMO practices

We consistently keep track of SMO best practices and help our clients benefit from them. Apart from formulating a robust social media strategy, we optimize your website and profile on each social media channel. Today is the age of more images and videos to embellish text content, which we follow in our content creation. Impactful original content is another universal best practice that we follow. We also track your social media channels and make mid-course corrections with an aim to continually improve your brand popularity. Another best practice is to involve users with interactive content and make sure it is easily shareable by users.

Important Tips

Start Re marketing on Social

Use In-Market Segments to Leverage Strong Commercial Intent

Monitor Ad Performance Closely to Keep Campaigns Fresh

Don’t Be TOO Granular with Social Audiences

Layer Your Targeting Options

Narrow Your Targeting to Boost Engagement and Reduce Costs

Use Your Best-Converting Ad Copy in Your Social campaign

Use Twitter To Test Out Content Ideas

Structure Social Campaigns Around Your Business Objectives

Build Communities Around Actionable Hashtags

Provide a Seamless, Cohesive Visual Experience

Leverage the Power of ‘Life Events’

Bypass ‘Leaky’ Landing Pages Altogether

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