What is IOT (Internet of Things)?

IOT is a system of physical devices which can be accessed and controlled via the internet. To put it differently, it is a network of connected devices that can collect and exchange data using embedded sensors. Typically, the internet is accessed by computers and other smart devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones etc.; which can connect to the same using a protocol. It is also possible to connect other devices to the internet through compatible sensors. The group of connected devices then become the Internet of Things (IOT). Among many applications of IOT; smart home, smart city, smart grids, industrial internet, healthcare, and wearables are some of the prominent ones. All these applications have tremendous scope for improving human life and adding value to businesses in many ways. Several IOT services and IOT solutions have been developed in this context.

How we can help

We at Webmantra combine our knowledge of technology and application software expertise to provide a host of IOT solutions and services. As a first step, our consultancy service on IOT begins with a study of how your business model works and what are your technology assets. As an IOT service provider, we look at your products and examine the scope of benefits that could accrue by connecting them to the internet. We can develop an IOT with our product-ready software that results in reduced time to market. We also offer analytics services which help optimizing your IOT network.


Connectivity and security

We develop customized apps to provide connectivity solutions, for smart homes as well as smart offices. The devices could be located indoors or outdoors; they are seamlessly integrated to an IOT system.

Vehicle tracking

A fleet of vehicles can be tracked real time, providing greater accuracy as also saving manpower. The tracking records can be stored and played back on demand. The system could be made accessible through smartphone and the application can be based in cloud.

IOT website development services

We provide a website based IOT solution for smart homes and smart offices. We examine your requirement and provide an offer along with the scope of application and quantitative estimate of expected benefits.

10 Essential Security Tips for Your Internet of Things

Know What’s Connected

Password Protect All Devices and Account

Avoid Using Insecure Internet Connections

Keep Your Smartphone Secure

Create a Separate Network for Your Devices

Install a Firewall

Immediately Update Security Patches

Disconnect Devices When Not in Use

Adjust Default Device Settings

Set Rules for Your Children

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