What is Business Mobile Apps?

Business mobile apps are developed for businesses, and serve to simplify and digitize business processes. Some processes and tasks may also be automated or remotely controllable using business apps, to help improve accuracy and also reduce overhead costs. Business mobile apps enable specific functions to be performed remotely by multiple mobile devices, using wireless networks.

How we can help

We follow up from your mobile strategy framework, which we develop for you at the start, and do a detailed analysis to determine your need for business application development. Once the apps are identified, we take up wireframe and design. We focus on functionality and productivity, while not overlooking UI/UX. We use 3D models where appropriate, and also technologies such as AR and IOT. We ensure optimal form factor for the target mobile devices. Need to create an app for your business? We are ever willing to help.


Web Apps

These are responsive websites that run on browsers and work on mobile devices. We can develop these apps in CSS, JavaScript, or HTML5; which are our developers’ preferred tools. The UI/UX is cross-platform and these work on both Android and IOS mobile devices. We can develop web apps to your specific needs and budget. Our web applications for small business are feature rich, yet low in cost.

Native Apps

With these apps, we can assure excellent UX, while using native device UI, be it Android, IOS, Windows Phone or Blackberry. We provide access to a broad range of APIs and yet ensure high performance. We can easily create a mirror app for another operating system and also provide an app store for your employees and similar stake holders. Regular updates and maintenance support is assured.

Hybrid Apps

These apps are accessible by mobile devices with different operating systems like Android, IOS, Windows Phone etc. We thus use multi-platform technologies like HTML5 and CSS for their development, complemented by tools such as PhoneGap and Sencha. While we focus on performance, we also strive for uniform look and good UX on devices with different operating systems. Access to several device capabilities is also developed based on your requirement.

Important Tips

Specify App Functions

Identify Target Market

Set Your Budget

Make Your App Extremely Simple

Visually-Appealing App Design

Build Your App For Multiple Platforms

Fast App

Beta Testing

App Release

Consider Strategies for App Monetization

Request Project Estimation

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