What is Enterprise Mobility Solutions?

In the ICT (Information Communication Technology) arena, mobility refers to accessing information systems by using mobile devices. Prime application of mobility is “Enterprise Mobility”, which enables employees to access real time information from anywhere. Main benefits of mobility are flexibility and productivity. Mobility solutions can also be provided through cloud, which results in cost optimization.

How we can help

As an enterprise web solution agency, we have an excellent track record of offering mobility solutions. Our enterprise software development services, effectively integrate mobile devices, mobile apps, cloud computing and wireless networks. We offer a secure, flexible, and enterprise-ready platform. Some key features of our mobility solutions are as follows:

  • Adequate data security.
  • Integrated access to enterprise back-end system as well as relevant online resources.
  • Optimum mobile solution with quick and low-cost implementation.
  • Provision of enterprise app store, to access organization apps as well as web apps.


Mobility Consulting

Our consultancy service aims to improve your employee satisfaction and operational flexibility. It covers all aspects of your enterprise environment, particularly the mobile devices, wireless networks, and servers plus cloud. It also takes into account device management and need for specific applications. A mobile strategy framework is developed thereafter which specifies how different components of enterprise mobility would be deployed.

Mobility App Development

We develop new mobility apps and also upgrade your old and legacy apps for greater efficacy. New apps could be hybrid or mobile. We also develop Mobile UX and UI for quick access and easy navigation. We could also create an app store for your organization containing enterprise apps as well as useful web apps.

Mobile Device Management

This is an important aspect of enterprise mobility because it deals with different devices working on different operating systems. We provide optimal configuration and deployment of mobile devices, while ensuring high level of security and risk management. Files and documents being accessed by devices can be controlled with access protocols and can also be tracked.

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