What is Multimedia?

Multimedia is nothing but computer-controlled integration of text, graphics, still & video images, and audio. Once displayed on screen, multimedia is able to create complex and highly engaging visuals. It thus has promising applications in several sectors, prominent being education, entertainment, manufacturing, and advertising. With advent of digital, multimedia has assumed great significance, particularly in the field of marketing. The ever improving graphics have made multimedia very complex, yet visually spectacular.

How we can help

As a premier web designing company in India, multimedia has been our forte, thanks to our expertise in support technologies that underpin a vast spectrum of applications. Our expertise in UI design and cross platform applications gives us an edge that translates into brilliant multimedia visuals. Our multimedia professionals have skills in multimedia and web design service tools such as Flash, Dreamweaver, Photoshop etc., which enable us to offer truly impressive and optimized multimedia solutions.


Graphic Designing

This service primarily helps brand building. Remember your brand is not about quality and functionality alone. It is part of your corporate identity too. For this purpose, it needs to have an appropriate company logo and meaningful brand designs. Even your stationery has an impact on your corporate identity. We provide design support that enhances and promotes your corporate identity.


Multimedia Presentations

We offer impressive corporate presentations and product animations based on multimedia. Animation could be 2D or 3D. The presentation could also have flash-based animations.

Multimedia CD Presentation

This is another effective way to promote your brand. The CD could incorporate your company profile, your product catalogues, and some video promotions as well. We can provide CDs in different shapes and sizes. Presenting CDs to your clients and visitors is always a good idea. The CDs could be distributed in trade shows and its content placed on your website as well.

Important Tips

Never use a DOS API to access a multimedia file


Support multimedia clipboard operations

Use threads intelligently

Share your multimedia devices

Don't assume anything, use device capabilities

Use shortcuts whenever possible

Use the amp-mixer

Use playlist for performance and advanced functions

Don't poll media control interface devices

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