What is Micro site?

Micro site, as its name suggests, is a small website. A micro site is often a specific page or a cluster of pages linked to a larger website. Micro site typically refers to a specific product, an event, a campaign or an editorial that elaborates or amplifies a specific item of information. Micro sites enhance engagement and are used to deliver a specific message to a targeted audience, and thus play an important role in online marketing.

How we can help

Web Mantra has for long been a top search engine optimization agency. Our professionals have been adept at applying multiple SEO techniques to improve website ranking. We keep pace with evolving changes in the way search engines rank websites, and improve your ranking on a continual basis. For instance, the Google search engine has now included content quality and subject relevance as ranking parameters. Therefore, apart from our improved SEO process, we also help you improve your website content in the context of quality and relevance.


Event or Campaign Micro site

To cover an event or a campaign and provide the needed information to your targeted audience, which can’t be accommodated on the main website. It is a low budget promotion, yet it never fails to create a buzz in the specific market segment.

Brand Promotion

A brand promotion microsite, targeted at specific customer segment with matching content, could be the perfect platform to build a brand. We incorporate effective keywords to engage with the target consumers. These brand microsites could be scaled up for successively brand promotions or launching campaigns. We also include a specific CTA (call to action) to hasten conversion.


We also develop specific editorial micro sites that provide greater details about the brand or an event. For instance, an editorial micro site may cover history of the promoted event or explain the technology incorporated in a product/brand. Effective keywords are embedded in the micro site content to improve its search engine ranking.

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