What is product website?

Web-mantra is a good website development company in ahmedabad. An online product website is created with a specific aim of promoting a product or service. It is similar to a microsite in that it has a small cluster of discrete pages focusing on a single entity or a product. It can complement offline promotion of the product by providing in depth information about the product to online users. It is a low-cost option for product promotion and brand building.

How we can help

As a part of our online product development services, we can create product websites that help conversions and drive sales. These product websites drive greater engagement with keyword-rich content and sustain user attention with contextual information. Landing page content invariably includes CTA (Call to Action) , which leads to registration or even direct sale. Our web development professionals are adept at providing online product design solutions in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. If the client requirement demands, we can provide CMS based platform using WordPress.


Product website

This website caters to a select audience, focused on a single product or a product family. We provide optimized content, leading to sustained engagement and capturing of instant feedback. We can also provide a flash-based website for greater visual impact. These websites have good multimedia capability and are highly scalable.

Service website

Promotion of services is a unique challenge because it is intangible and by virtue of their nature, services are almost always personalized. While product can be seen and evaluated before purchase, services can be experienced only on confirmation of purchase. With our content, we strive to create trust and build relationship with your consumers.

Brand promotion website

These websites reinforce brand value through specific product-based brand promotion. The website content highlights your brand USP and its competitive strength. Such brand websites are especially useful when a number of sub brands exist for a product line, such as automobiles or FMCG items or even banking and financial products, which are primarily sold in B2C mode.

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